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Snake Removal

Snakes are a common and versatile creature here in the greater Ft. Worth area. If you encounter one in your yard or snake ft.worthhome, it’s important to take a slow and steady retreat from the area as some can administer life-threatening bites. Using a professional for snake removal is essential to guarantee your safety.

Prevention Tactics

Some things you can implement today to discourage snakes in and around your property include:

  • Keeping grass short and limiting thick landscaping
  • Removing any rocks wood piles, or debris from the area
  • Keeping pet doors closed
  • Checking house foundation for any cracks or openings and taking care of them

Venomous Texas Snakes

Of the roughly 113 species and subspecies of snakes in Texas, there are a few that are venomous and should be handled cautiously:

  1. Western Cottonmouth
  2. Texas Coral Snake
  3. Western Massasauga
  4. Southern Copperhead
  5. Broad-banded Copperhead
  6. Western Pygmy Rattlesnake
  7. Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
  8. Timber Rattlesnake

Not all are fatally venomous, but they do each have different temperaments and behavior patterns. Fortunately, our wildlife control specialists are well versed and experienced in safe and effective ways to remove snakes, venomous or otherwise, from your property.

Protect Yourself

If you do encounter one, your best option is to take a slow and steady retreat. We urge you not to risk your life by attempting a snake removal, but rather call us to do so. If it is an ongoing problem we are happy to enact prevention techniques that will keep snakes off of your property and out of your home. Call us today at 469-805-6267 for your free estimate.

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