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Though their nocturnal, elusive nature and innocuous appearance often lull folks into a false sense of security, raccoons are capable of doing more damage than overturning a garbage can or two in search of food. Finding raccoons inside attics and homes are becoming more common here in the Fort Worth area, thanks in large part to the shrinking natural habitat of the raccoon. This often leads to expensive damage to the home and can pose health issues for its occupants.

Raccoon Facts

Some interesting facts about raccoons and their habits include:

  • They breed during the fall months, meaning you are more likely to see them inside your home during this time as they look for a place to raise their young
  • Raccoons are solitary creatures unless traveling with their young, which you are more likely to see during the spring months
  • Raccoons have exceptional dexterity in their paws, allowing them to pick up objects, open garbage cans, and even open doors with ease

Look for the Signs

You should always avoid contact with raccoons to avoid any danger, and if you notice the following signs, it’s time to call Critter Control®

  • Thumping or pounding sounds coming from your attic as the raccoons walk around, especially at night
  • Odors due to urine and feces permeating the walls and ceiling of your home
  • Ripped up or soiled attic insulation
  • Overturned garbage cans with their contents strewn about

If you’ve noticed the signs of raccoon activity on your property, the time to call for help is now. With extensive knowledge and cutting edge tools, Critter Control® of Fort Worth can get the raccoons out completely, the first time. Call us today at 817-222-1101 to schedule a consultation.

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