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Opossum Removal

Home and business owners know opossums to be pests because of their scavenging habits, which leave them Ft.Worth Possumrummaging through trash cans, eating pet food, destroying plants and gardens, and seeking shelter under the structures of a home or shed. Although opossums are fascinating animals, they create many problems when invading your space, and should be removed by a professional in the case you come in contact with them.

Unique Characteristics

North America’s only marsupial, the opossum, is a unique creature in many ways. As a sanitation worker of the wild, the opossum eats anything from rodents, insects, birds, eggs, fruits, and grains to human food, pet food, and table scraps. The opossum even eats the skeletons of the rodents and roadkill they consume to satisfy their high need for calcium.

Although it’s possible for any mammal to get rabies, the likelihood of an opossum having rabies is extremely rare, due to the virus being unable to survive in the opossum’s low body temperature. In addition, to having a natural immunity against rabies, opossums also have partial or total immunity against the venom produced by snakes.

Natural Defense

Opossums have natural defense tactics they use when feeling threatened or scared such as running, growling, belching, urinating, and defecating. However, when all else fails, they act dead by “playing opossum.” The catatonic state can last up to four hours, which has proven to be an effective deterrent for predators looking for a tasty meal.

Health Risks

While they may try and do their best not to come in contact with you, opossums still pose risks to your health by leaving behind large amounts of urine and droppings, which transmits diseases such as leptospirosis and Salmonella. Opossums can also cause you to become sick indirectly by the fleas, ticks, and other parasites they carry.

Removal Process

If opossums have invaded your attic or taken refuge beneath your porch, call Critter Control® of Fort Worth to have them safely and humanely removed. We are experts in the trapping and excluding of opossums, no matter where they are living inside of your Texas home or business.

After completing our free home inspection to discover where and how the critters got inside, we will seal all possible entry points, set up traps to remove them and perform any necessary cleanup and restoration services.

Service You Can Trust

If you’re having issues with opossums, let the experts at Critter Control® of Fort Worth help! We have the proper tools and experience to tackle your most challenging opossum problems. We’ve been trapping and removing opossums as well as other nuisance wildlife from Texas homes for over 30 years. Call us today at 817-222-1101 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.

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