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Animal Damage Control


Critter Control Truck Outside of Fort Worth HomeUnwanted wildlife in the home can cause many problems. They can damage decks, attics, and basements; they can chew through wires, timber, pipes, and brickwork. Their damage can cause floods or fires in your home. The structural damage to a house can be severe.

At Critter Control, we do animal damage control and work with you during and after the removal. We know you want to feel safe in your home; by removing unwanted pests, we can inhibit the spread of diseases and parasites. But removal is just the first step. We also follow up on our work and repair any damage to your home caused by the wildlife.

Getting your home repaired correctly the first time can save you headaches in the future. The approach to animal damage control varies depending on the wildlife. At Critter Control, we’re experts at identifying which type of wildlife caused the damage, and we know specifically how to fix it. You can rely on us to do the job right the first time.

From attic restoration to wall insulation replacement, we’ll work with you to repair damages caused by unwanted animals. We can also recommend prevention techniques specific to your home, such as screening vents, chimney caps, and sealing identified entry holes.

At Critter Control, we have an integrated pest management system. This includes customer education, habitat modification, pest and animal exclusion, and the safe, humane removal of wildlife from your home. Contact our skilled team at 817-222-1101 for help with animal damage control.



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