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Dead Animal Odor

Unwanted animals can be more than just a nuisance. Many carry diseases and can be potentially threatening. While wildlife removal may seem simple, it can time-consuming, costly, and dangerous to an untrained homeowner or business owner.

At Critter Control, we offer a variety of wildlife management services. Our wildlife removal experts can help you figure out which type of animal you are dealing with and how best to remove it.

We pride ourselves on having environmentally friendly and humane techniques for animal removal. Our staff is well versed in the laws of each area we serve, and we are experts in dead animal removal as well. We use innovative, integrative methods for the removal of unwanted animals.

Dead Animal Removal

Deceased creatures can spread dangerous diseases and give off foul smells. They can be found in many areas of the house, including attics, chimney and walls. If you have a deceased animal inside or nearby to your home, call Critter Control.

Removing a dead animal is a health concern as it can cause diseases, so it is important to have the removal done by a professional. Carcasses must be bagged, the area must be disinfected, and all body fluids and odors must be removed. If the job isn’t done well, it can lead to a lingering smell and the presence of infectious bacteria or parasites.

For wildlife removal of any sort, whether the animal is dead or alive, call Critter Control at 817-222-1101, and we will make sure that dead animals are removed properly.

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