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Animal Removal

At Critter Control of Ft. Worth, animal removal is both our business and our calling. We recognize that animals and humans can be beneficial to each other, but also that animals’ habits can annoy humans and even pose dangers.

Our staff members are well acquainted with some of Ft. Worth’s most common pests, including rats, squirrels, pigeons, bees, and armadillos. We customize our animal removal services depending on the type of animal invading your space, your lifestyle needs, and other factors. Additionally, our services don’t stop at animal removal in Ft. Worth. We will also help you repair damage animals have caused.

Why Animal Removal is Important

Some of our customers ask why we remove animals; weren’t they here first? Can humans and animals live together peacefully? Ideally yes, but if animal populations are not controlled, infestations can occur. This can lead to property damage, food contamination, and the transmission of serious diseases.

Let’s take squirrels, for example. One or two squirrels in your yard are not a problem. You may even be tempted to feed them using a bird feeder or leftovers from your table. We caution you – do not do so. Once squirrels recognize your home is friendly, they will bring entire colonies with them.

The squirrels may then nest in your attic, basement, or another hospitable area. They will leave behind urine and feces and may gnaw on or soil your insulation. If the season is right, they may give birth in your home, leading to an even bigger squirrel population that’s more difficult to manage.

Squirrels are not the only animals Critter Control of Ft. Worth experts can help you handle. Our staff members are also familiar with snakes, skunks, stinging insects, armadillos, wild hogs, and birds. Each animal problem receives our full attention. We offer personalized, humane, environmentally conscious solutions to your wildlife issues. If you have questions about animal removal or need our services, please contact us today for assistance.

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