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Have you recently heard scratching, clawing, and scurrying in your attic? Have you seen evidence that rats, squirrels, or other animals have chosen it as their private hotel? If so, you need attic insulation and restoration services from Critter Control. Critter Control provides attic insulation and restoration to customers across Ft. Worth and its suburbs, as well as several other cities. We work with most major insurance companies, so your attic insulation and restoration will always be done for a reasonable price.

Why Animals Invade Your Attic

When customers call us about attic insulation and restoration, they usually have one question on their minds. Why have these animals invaded my attic? There could be several reasons. Some have to do with animal instincts. Animals go anywhere they can for food and shelter, especially during winter months. animal-droppings in Fort Worth insulationThey may see your attic as a warm, comfortable place to wait out cold temperatures.

Additionally, animals like mice, rats, and squirrels are attracted to your attic because it’s relatively dark and quiet. Most people don’t use their attics regularly; attics usually become storage spaces. This gives animals, small rodents in particular, ample places to hide and nest. Over time, an infestation may develop without your knowledge. When this happens, animals may come out in plain sight because they are out of hiding places. In that case, you may discover dead animals, urine, and droppings.

How Critter Control Can Help

Chewed or soiled insulation or attic fixtures are bad news for your house. Coming into contact can transmit several diseases, including rat bite fever, Q fever, and tularemia. It also increases your chances of contracting fleas, lice, and ticks.

When you find animals in your attic, contact Critter Control of Ft. Worth instead of handling them Fort Worth attic renovated by Critter Controlyourself. We will inspect your attic thoroughly, humanely remove the animals, and replace your insulation and other damaged materials. We will also seal entry points so animals will stay out of your attic and the rest of your house.

BBB_accredited sealCritter Control® of Fort Worth attic insulation specialists inspect your insulation to determine if you need to replace it to match the U.S. Department of Energy’s guidelines. We can also measure the amount of the damage done, and come up with a plan for the repairs. Our insulation experts have a great deal of experience in removing many hazardous types of insulation, so you can rest assured they will not only repair the damage, but leave your home or business safe for your family and employees.

Critter Control® of Fort Worth is the one solution that can resolve your animal control problem and fix your attic insulation damage, saving you time and money. Contact us for your attic insulation and restoration needs 817-222-1101.

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