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Prevention Services

At Critter Control of Ft. Worth, we are eager to help our customers eradicate wildlife issues, whether that involves rats in your attic, armadillos in your garden, or snakes slithering through your garage. Yet we know prevention services are just as important, if not more so, than removal and exclusion. Many of our customers have ongoing wildlife issues but are unsure about prevention services. Critter Control offers a variety of these services, which fit all customer needs.Critter Control employee sealing Fort Worth Home window

Our Prevention Services

Critter Control’s prevention services in Ft. Worth may look different from those of competing companies. Our staff understands animals, even household pests, must be treated with dignity and respect. Therefore, we use only humane prevention services. These include release-on-site, one-way doors, and nonlethal sprays for pests such as stinging insects.

The goal of our prevention services is not to kill, but to exclude. When you simply kill a pest, you are dealing with the short-term problem but not discouraging other animals from using your home or business as a shelter or food source. Critter Control uses different exclusion methods for all animals, depending on their habits and intelligence levels.

Many of our exclusion methods involve sealing entry points. They include chimney capping, screen reinforcement, vent sealing, and hole repair. We also remove hanging tree limbs and encroaching vegetation that can encourage animals to leap from trees to your house, or to use tall grasses or brush piles as hiding places. In addition, Critter Control regularly inspects foundations for cracks and collapsed ground, both of which can encourage animals to roost under your home or other buildings.

Competing companies may only seal or repair the places you know an animal has used before. For Hole in Fort Worth buildingexample, they might know rats are in your ceiling, so they only seal the attic or upper holes. Critter Control of Ft. Worth does better than that. We inspect your home for all entry points, and we carefully deal with each one. Furthermore, we clean and repair existing animal damage so your home can feel livable again. If you need our prevention services, call us today to set up an appointment or learn more.
Take advantage of our Free Animal Entry Inspection today call us at 817-222-1101. Don’t wait another minute and don’t try this at home. Contact Critter Control’s experts today.

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