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You should feel safe and secure anytime you’re in your home, and having unwanted intruders regardless of what they  Bats Ft.Worthare, can ruin that sense of security. Bats are becoming more common in Fort Worth each year, and as a result, have developed a reputation for taking up residence in homes throughout the area. Bats don’t normally come into contact with humans, and an infestation that is allowed to grow within your home can lead to some serious health issues for your loved ones.

Bat Danger

Bats are most well-known perhaps for their ability to spread harmful diseases like rabies, but one of the biggest hazards of bats comes from their feces, also known as guano. Bat guano is a breeding ground for harmful fungus and bacteria, and if disturbed, can shoot these spores into the air and put your family at risk for dangerous diseases like histoplasmosis.

In addition to the health risks of bat guano, it possesses corrosive properties that can damage important structures within your home if it is allowed to sit for long periods of time. If you notice piles of guano accumulating anywhere on your property, it’s time to call Critter Control®

Expert Removal

Bats play an integral role in the ecosystem here in Fort Worth, and because of their importance, they are protected by law against harm or death. The only way to safely and legally remove bats from your home is to call on a trained professional for help. Trust the team with over 30 years of animal removal experience, trust Critter Control® of Fort Worth. Call us today at 817-222-1101 to schedule your consultation.

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