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 Ft. Worth pigeon

Pigeons in Fort Worth may cause problems because they travel in flocks, and they can create a large mess. If you own a business, flocks of pigeons can inhabit the areas outside of your building, leaving droppings on cars and entrances to your organization. In homes and businesses they can nest in attics and crawl spaces, leaving behind a mess to clean up in addition to odor and destruction of property.

Fort Worth Pigeon Control

Most people recognize pigeons as a nuisance. They’re known for disrupting outings and defecating or molting everywhere. However, pigeons are often associated only with urban areas. While they are common there, pigeon control is necessary everywhere. Critter Control answers pigeon-related calls all over the greater Ft. Worth area, and we are dedicated to educating our customers about the habits and control of these birds.

Identifying Pigeons

Pigeons are usually gray with white rumps, although some pigeons sport shades of tan and black. Most pigeons have black bands on their wing and tail feathers; the wings sport double bands. Pigeons also have distinctive red feet. Pigeons are some of the smallest birds in the United States. The average one measures 11 inches and weighs just 13 ounces.

Where to Find Pigeons

Pigeons are found all over the world, including 49 of 50 states. Like many other birds, pigeons aren’t picky about where they build their nests. If the architecture supports roosting, expect to find a pigeon nest somewhere there. Attics, barns, eaves, parks, and steeples are all popular nesting places. Their versatility makes pigeons unique in that they are not just household nuisances. The Critter Control staff often finds pigeons roosting on commercial buildings.

Pigeon Damage

Pigeons are one of the dirtiest birds in North America. Their droppings stick to every place they land and can drive down property values like almost nothing else. Additionally, pigeon droppings stain.

Pigeons carry a host of diseases transmitted through their feces, urine, and feathers. These include toxoplasmosis and encephalitis, which can be difficult to diagnose and deadly for humans. Pigeons can also carry lice, mites, fleas, and ticks, which transmit their own diseases to humans and animals.

Protecting Yourself from Pigeons

The best way to protect yourself from pigeons is not to feed them. Pigeons are dependent on human activity for survival, and they often scavenge for human food. This disrupts the environment and increases the chance of contracting pigeon-borne diseases. Do not leave food sources out, and seal your garbage bins. If you have pigeon problems, contact Critter Control of Ft. Worth about other exclusion measures.
Our pigeon control and damage repair solutions are available in Denton County, Fort Worth, Parker County, Somervell County, Hood County, Tarrant County, and Johnson County.

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