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Bat Extermination

When it comes to wildlife control, your safety is our top priority. While it is not typical for us to practice bat Bat Exterminationextermination over other control techniques, we recognize that it may be necessary sometimes due to certain safety risks. The problem with extermination is that bats are vital to our local ecosystem due to their ability to pollinate and their skill in pest control. We don’t want to be responsible for a diminish in the population and there are significant restrictions against killing and trapping bats because of this. Therefore, using someone who is certified and trained in these tactics and methods is the way to go.

Signs of a Problem

  • Bats near your house at dawn and dusk hours
  • Screeching and scratching sounds in your attic or chimney
  • Dark oily stains at potential entry and exit points
  • Ammonia smell due to urine
  • Bat droppings, or guano


If you notice any of these signs, you should call a professional immediately. Bat urine releases a toxic odor and, once it seeps through your ceilings, it can make you and your family sick. In addition to this, the guano contains fungal spores that can cause Histoplasmosis- a fungal infection in the lungs- for anyone who breathes it in. The only way to avoid these issues completely is to call someone certified for the job.

Partner with a Professional

The technicians at Critter Control® of Fort Worth are knowledgeable and experienced in how to handle these situations properly and humanely using Crittersafe practices. Give us a call at 469-805-6267 to schedule your consultation today and we’ll create a plan specific to your needs.

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