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Rat Infestation

A smaller rat problem can become an infestation rather quickly, as most rodent populations have short gestation Rat on Tireperiods and can give birth to litters of multiple pups. For rats, your attic is the perfect location for reproducing. The insulation is a great material for a bed and the exposed beams, wiring, ducts, and cardboard are useful for gnawing their teeth down.

Health Concerns

When you have rats in the house, your home is not only suffering, but your health could be too! Rats are known to live in a filthy environment and, due to this, can contaminate your house by just walking through it. Diseases such as Hantavirus and salmonella can be tracked through the house when they walk through their feces and urine before searching around. In addition to contamination, there is the possibility of you or a family member being bitten or scratched by a rat. In these cases, you can develop Rat-Bite Fever and Tularemia, and should be sure not to handle the animals too closely for risk of this. Other dangers associated with rats are from the insects they transport like fleas, ticks and mites. Due to these factors, rats spread disease like wildfire.

The Process

Because of the dangers of rats, there is a process we find works most quickly and effectively when dealing with a rat infestation

  1. We start the process by inspecting the area. This includes the places where the rats are residing as well as the interior and exterior of the house. We need to find where the rats are getting into the house and assess the extent of the infestation.
  2. Once we’ve determined a plan of action, we can move to removal. Whether we choose to trap, bait or exterminate the pests, we will be clear with you and do so as quickly as possible.
  3. After we remove them, we’ll clean up after them. There will be no trace that the rats were ever residing in your home.
  4. Finally, we’ll ensure it doesn’t happen again by sealing up and blocking off any potential entry points and give you tips and suggestions for how to keep your house safe from harm again.

If you’re interested in getting the process started, give us a call today! We can give you a free estimate and schedule your in-home consultation over the phone at 469-805-6267. If you’d like more information about our process, visit our page on how we set industry standards!

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