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Mice Infestation

Having house guests isn’t always fun- especially when they crawl on four legs and chew on everything. A mice Ft. Worth Miceinfestation may just seem like a nuisance at first. But, if left untreated, it can cause major damage to your home.

Common Damage:

  • Chewed-through electric wires
  • Broken shingles on roof
  • Contaminated food
  • Dropping corrosion and urine stains on ceiling
  • Gnawing marks and chewed holes on just about anything
  • Destroyed insulation

If you notice any of these possible damages, call a professional at once. Because mice reproduce at an alarming rate, action must be taken quickly.

Our Process:

At Critter Control® of Fort Worth, we have an easy four-step process for controlling your mice infestation.

  1. Inspect: The first step in our process is to come in and get a good look at the situation. At this point we can assess the severity and create a plan for control.
  2. Remove: We are skilled in various tactics for getting rid of mice infestations, including traps, exclusion, and extermination methods. Depending on the situation, we will enact a process of removal.
  3. Repair: Any damage done by the infestation, we will work to fix. This can include structural or electrical damage. Typically, at the very least, your insulation will need replacing.
  4. Exclude: At this step we seal up the point of access the mice had and scan for any other vulnerable spots your house may have.

Before we can start our process, we need you to give us a call and schedule your consultation. We can even give you a fast and free estimate over the phone today. Just call 469-805-6267 or contact us online and we’ll get your house back into tip-top shape before you know it!

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