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Mice Control

Mice are evasive and sneaky creatures. Their nocturnal habits make them hard to spot until there is already an Mice Control Ft Worthinfestation. Some signs that you’ve got a mouse problem include unusual sounds, smells, and sights. The sound of scratching and little paws running above you and in the walls when you’re trying to sleep definitely warrants suspicion. Watch out for any unusual musty smells like urine or, rotten odors like one has died in your home. Finally, if you see any droppings in your cabinets and pantry, or what looks like dark water stains on the ceiling, the mice might already be causing damage to the structure of your home and we urge you to call a professional immediately.

How to Get Them Out

There are multiple options you have as far as getting rid of your infestation. Mouse traps are commonly used once the home’s entry points have been sealed. Another option on the market is poison. However, if you have children or pets, this can be incredibly dangerous to their health; and you’ll also have the possibility of a mouse running off and dying where you cannot find or get to it. A professional service will know exactly which option is best for your situation.

How to Keep Them Out

The best option for mice control is to use preventative methods. These include the following tactics to make your house less attractive and convenient for the rodents:

  • Seal all foods-yours and your pets’- in storage bins or containers
  • Close trash can lids or consider getting animal-proof bins with sealable lids
  • Wipe away any crumbs on counters
  • Sweep floors daily and mop often
  • Check your attic for signs of mice- for safety reasons, this should be inspected by a professional

What Critter Control® Can do for You

The technicians at Critter Control® of Ft Worth are trained and experienced in handing any mice control problems you might be facing. From inspection to clean up, we offer a range of services and guarantees that your home will be safe, clean, and rodent free. If you’re interested in a free estimate call 469-805-6267 today.

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