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Raccoons in the Attic

Raccoons are rarely suspected to be in your attic due to their large size; it is often assumed that it would be incredibly Raccoons in the Attic difficult for them to sneak in undetected. However, these bandits easily find their way in and make your attic into their brand-new home. Once inside, removal can be tough to do on your own, and they have a greater potential to damage your property. If you are facing raccoons in your attic, immediate removal is a must.

Know the Signs

Raccoons are mostly active at night, so in many instances, you will not even realize that they are taking up residence with you. However, there are many ways in which raccoons make themselves present, for which you should keep a close watch. Since raccoons are so large, you will easily be able to hear them walking around in your attic throughout the night. There are also scratching sounds you may hear along with their standard loud thumping.

Over time, after prolonged raccoon infestation, pungent odors will make themselves present as their waste builds up. You may also be able to observe staining on your walls and ceilings due to the excrement soaking into the drywall. It is crucial that you try to catch raccoon infestations soon before it gets to this stage as repairs can be costly. Further damage from raccoons include:

  • The spreading of airborne pathogens which could result in illness
  • Gradual damage to the structures within the attic
  • Potential fire hazards as a result of gnawing on electrical wiring.

Help from the Best

It is not recommended to attempt removing raccoons from your home yourself as they can be hostile and possibly even rabid. At Critter Control® of Ft. Worth, we have the professional equipment and experience to provide you with expert removal that is both safe and effective. If you are experiencing signs of raccoon infestation, contact us today at 469-805-6267 for your free consultation.

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