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Critter Control® of Fort Worth provides industry-leading commercial animal control services.Cherry Picker Cleaning out Fort Worth building

Urban wildlife control is a huge undertaking, no matter what city you live in. Critter Control of Ft. Worth has spent several decades helping our customers with urban wildlife control. Since 1983, we have served the greater Ft. Worth area as well as surrounding suburbs. Our staff is well versed in animal behavior and the humane removal and exclusion of animals found in your home, business, or yard.

How Urban Wildlife Control Works

In some ways, urban wildlife control in Ft. Worth is different from its suburban and rural counterparts. For example, urban wildlife control is more likely to involve commercial buildings. Commercial buildings are bigger and more plentiful in urban locations, giving animals more opportunities to move in.

Pigeons, for instance, routinely roost on urban buildings and architecture. Their droppings routinely Birds on top of Fort Worth buildingstain and otherwise desecrate property, decreasing values and ruining artistic, carefully made architecture.

Rats, mice, and squirrels may be more common in urban areas as well. At Critter Control, we find mice and rats everywhere, including attics, basements, sewers, etc. Urban areas give these dangerous rodents more opportunities to colonize. It’s also more difficult for residents to cope with them. Fortunately, Critter Control has the methods needed to exclude rodents for good.

Exclusion Methods

Critter Control urges our urban customers not to simply kill invading species. This is a short-term solution but does not guarantee new animals won’t come back. Once an animal recognizes your home or business is a good source of food and shelter, others will likely follow it.

Critter Control offers several humane long-term wildlife control solutions. All our staff members are trained in wildlife removal and work within the law to ensure protected species remain unharmed. Our wildlife management programs can be personalized to fit your needs. We consider several factors, including where you live, the animals most likely to disturb you, and the damage repair you may need. We work with you to develop customized trapping, removal, and exclusion plans. Call us 24/7 at 817-222-1101 or fill out a Contact Us form and one of our technicians will be with you.

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