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Free Animal Entry Home Inspections

If you hear noises in your home coming from your attic, or animal Angie's List Badgedroppings in your garage, you may have an animal control problem in your home. Critter Control® of Fort Worth provides free Animal Entry Home Inspections to determine the extent or your animal problem.

When you request a free home inspection our Wildlife Control specialist will examine your home looking for possible openings that animals have created to enter your home. We will locate the pest and try to determine what kind of pest has entered your home.

Once you decide to work with Critter Control® of Fort Worth, we will make a plan to remove the pest from your home. After we have removed the pest, we will then seal the entry point so they don’t come back.

We also offer animal home repair services to repair the damage caused by the animal nesting in your home. We even do insulation replacement and animal damage repair.

Critter Control® of Fort Worth provides complete animal control, removal and animal repair solutions for homeowners and businesses. Call us today to schedule your Free Animal Entry Home Inspection at 817-222-1101

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