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While birds and butterflies can be enjoyable to watch in your yard and that occasional squirrel can be adorable, you don’t want to have wild (and perhaps diseased) wild animals like raccoons, opossums, bats and an overabundance of squirrels set up residence in your yard. However, some of the things you put in your yard can be inadvertently encouraging wild animals to frequent your property.

Things that attract wild animals to your yard

  1. Bowls of pet food. Putting dry food out for stray cats can be an open invitation to wild animals, like skunks, raccoons and opossums. Better to just feed such cats when you see them and take the food back in when the cats leave.
  2. Water features. Water is another big draw for wild animals. Birdbaths, fountains and ponds could also be attracting unwanted wildlife.
  3. Fruit trees. It’s a rare homeowner that can keep up with the fruit from pear, apple or peach trees when that fruit starts to ripen. Fruit on the ground and on low branches can be another big enticement for wild animals.
  4. That compost pile. While compost can be beneficial to your garden, rotting produce and other composting elements can seem like a banquet to wild animals. Better to use a tumbler or other closed container for your compost.
  5. Bird feeders. Bird seed is also enticing to wild life, especially those like squirrels that can climb the posts and easily get to the food.

Ridding your Fort Worth property of unwanted wild animals

If you find that you have wild animals living in your yard, you don’t want to try to get try of them on your own. This is a job best left to the professionals. Critter Control® of Fort Worth, Texas has been helping homeowners just like you get rid of unwanted animals that can threaten pets and tear up your yard for more than 30 years. Call us at 469-805-6267 to schedule a free consultation.

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