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The presence of an unwelcome pest in your home can elicit a range of emotional responses anywhere from mildly annoyed to terrified. And while wild animals such as rats scurrying across your attic can indeed be a nuisance, you may just want them out and not necessarily dead. Fortunately, there are humane rat removal methods that can give you the best of both worlds.

Harmful Rat Removal Methods

Occasionally, a rat infestation is so severe that extermination efforts are attempted. Not only are these rat control methods inhumane but they can also be dangerous to humans. Harmful methods include:

  • Physical removal– Rats should not be handled without the proper equipment or experience. Personally attempting to remove rats can result in serious harm to you and the animal.
  • Rat traps– Rats are cautious and intelligent creatures that can quickly learn how to avoid and navigate around traps.
  • Rat poison– Store-bought chemicals and poisons are often overkill for a rat infestation. They can also be powerfully toxic and harmful to pets and children.

Safe Rat Removal Methods

There are a few humane methods on the market that claim to repel rats. However, alternative methods such as ultrasonic devices and non-toxic sprays that contain a mixture of natural oils and scents only offer temporary relief and are ultimately ineffective at providing a permanent solution to a rat infestation.

CritterSafe Solutions

At Critter Control® of Fort Worth, we are determined to limit damage to all parties involved: you, the animal, and your property. That’s why we endorse CritterSafe removal practices — the most humane, safe, and eco-friendly rat removal methods possible.

Our CritterSafe program minimizes danger to wildlife by using:

  • Non-lethal techniques
  • Live catch traps and
  • On-site release
  • Eco-friendly sprays with non-toxic ingredients that are not harmful to pets and children

Once all the rats are removed from your property, our experienced technicians will repair any damage they caused and seal off access points with one-way doors to keep them from returning.

At Critter Control® of Fort Worth, extermination is our last resort. If you suspect you have a rat infestation in your home or around your property, our expert technicians will use humane measures to solve your rat problem permanently. To get a free estimate, or for more information regarding our pest control services, please call us today at 469-805-6267.

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