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Rodent control prevention tipsMice, rats, and squirrels are common rodents that don’t belong in your home but may end up there anyway if you don’t take sufficient precautions. Contrary to what many people may believe – these vermin will invade clean homes. When they’re looking for food and shelter, they don’t discriminate.

Preventative measures are the smart option in dealing with rodents. Keep them from getting in, and you’ve dealt with the issue before it even becomes a problem. Here are some effective measures for rodent control.

Don’t Put Out the Welcome Mat

Ensure your property isn’t a haven for rodents. Remove clutter from your yard. Don’t forget to check under your porch or deck. Take care of weeds and other plant growth that may offer rodents desirable hiding or nesting spots. Don’t put your trash out until collection day or the night before, and when you do, be sure to use heavy-lidded plastic or metal trash cans that minimize access.

Keeping Rodents Out

These critters are canny, and they can enter your home through a variety of means. Mice are especially good at this. Since they have no collarbones, they can squeeze through the tiniest of openings. In older homes, it may be nearly impossible to find and seal every vulnerable spot, but you can still minimize the potential problem.

Walk around your home inside and out looking for any vulnerabilities. Seal openings with foam or mesh and add door trim and metal weather stripping for top-notch rodent-proofing. Plus, keep in mind, while having a rodent problem doesn’t mean you keep a messy home, leaving food out can be enticing. Clean it up and store human and pet food in glass, metal or hard plastic containers.

What if They’re Already Here?

If rodents have already invaded your home, consider calling in pros rather than attempting to take care of the infestation on your own. At Critter Control® of Ft. Worth, our team of wildlife removal experts is fully licensed in Texas. We know rodent habits, tendencies, and preferred habitats. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in removal and control measures. We even provide attic and crawl space restoration services to repair the damage these critters can do. Call on us at 469-805-6267 to take care of your rodent problem quickly and efficiently.

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