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Difference Between Rats and MiceRats and mice are one in the same for many people. And though the two types of rodents share some similar characteristics, they each have their own unique features that set them apart from each other. While having either rodent in your home is never something you’d welcome, it helps to know exactly the type of critter you’ve got on your hands.

These are some of the primary differences between rats and mice.

Characteristics of Rats

Rats are larger than mice, and can grow up to nine inches long. They typically have thicker coats than mice and are black, gray, or brown in color. Rats are more closely associated with disease and filth than mice, partially because of their greasy look, larger size, and unsightly tails. They breed less often, but their litters are twice the size of mice litters. Rats tend to be more cautious than mice, lending to their ability to avoid traps.

Characteristics of Mice

As opposed to rats, mice are on the smaller end of the spectrum, with large ears and long, thin tails. Mice are gentler in nature than rats, and some people even keep them as pets because of their social nature. They may seem adorable, but they can still be very destructive to your home. They often contaminate food, chew on nearly anything in sight, and can birth up to eight litters of babies annually.

Similarities Between Rats and Mice

In addition to reproducing alarmingly quickly, rats and mice are both nocturnal and have a propensity for chewing on things. Rats and mice both have constantly-growing teeth that need to be dulled, so they chew on anything they can to keep them in check.

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