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Signs of Rats in the AtticNo one wants to find out that rats have infested their house and taken residence under their roof. Unfortunately, this is a common reality that can plague any family, and it can go unnoticed for weeks and months on end causing incredible amounts of damage. While one might begin rooting through their attic looking to find the rodents themselves, rats are primarily nocturnal creatures and will often evade the grasp of humans without professional help. To confirm that you do indeed have a rat infestation, check for these telltale signs.

Rodent Waste

Rats, like all other living animals, will leave plenty of waste in the places they inhabit. If you suspect that there are rodents residing in your attic, check for droppings or dried urine spots around the space especially towards sides and dark corners, where rats are most likely to be living and hiding. Avoid touching any of the excrement or contaminated areas, as they may have different viruses and bacteria that are not desirable to contract.

Nocturnal Noises

Since rats are nocturnal creatures, there will often be little to no activity occurring during the daylight hours, leading homeowners to think that their attic is safe from the rodents. However, rats will be far more active at night, so if you hear any sort of scurrying or clawing sounds once the night has come, there is a good chance that you might have some rats.

Chew Marks

Rats also have a tendency to chew through various types of materials and substances, often leaving quite a mess after their sharp teeth have gone to work. If you find any insulation, wood, cardboard, or any other type of material that has been eaten through and gnawed on, this is another clue that could inform you of the presence of rats.

Fort Worth Rat Removal Experts

Rats are a common nuisance that, without proper attention and action taken, can cause some serious damage to your house. Here at Critter Control® of Fort Worth, we can help you rid your attic of these pests and keep your home safe. For a free estimate on our services, schedule a personal consultation or call us at 817-222-1101, and with our professionally-trained staff and workers we can rid your home of all of its pests.

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