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4 Squirrel Prevention Tips

Squirrels are known for rooting up landscaping, nibbling away at gardens, damaging roofs, and digging their way into attics. Once inside, squirrels can cause extensive damage by making messy nests, ripping away at insulation, and gnawing on your home’s important wooden structures and electric wiring. The best way to fend off these pesky critters and their destructive tendencies is to take preventative measures before they make their way inside your home. 

Expert Tips for Squirrel Prevention

Here are four expert squirrel prevention tips that can help keep squirrels at bay and reduce your chance of an infestation.

    1. Don’t let your yard become a snack shack.
      Their tireless search for something to nibble on can lead squirrels to all kinds of places, including your yard, attic, and interior crawl spaces. Bird feeders, fruit from your prosperous garden, or even rotting food in a compost pile can attract these unwanted pests. Purchasing a squirrel baffle for your bird feeders or making a cover for your garden and compost pile can help prevent these critters from entering your yard. 
    2. Block entrances to your home.
      If there are holes, gaps, or rotten wood on the exterior of your home, squirrels may be able to squeeze or scratch their way inside. Scan your home and take note of spots that need repair. Even holes that serve a purpose, like attic vents or chimneys, can act as an entry point for a sneaky squirrel. So make sure to cover vents with mesh and get a chimney cap to block uninvited creatures from wandering in.
    3. Use squirrel repellant.
      Although squirrel repellant doesn’t always get the job done, it can be a good extra line of defense to keep these critters away. Liquid or granular repellent will need to be applied to your yard regularly to continually prevent squirrels from hanging out on your property.
    4. Make your attic less squirrel friendly.
      Does your attic look like a nice place to build a nest and hide away? If you’re worried about squirrels letting themselves inside, the best thing to do is make the inside a little less cozy. Give your attic and crawl spaces a good clean, clearing out clutter. Chances are, if a squirrel does wander in, it won’t stay long if the space doesn’t feel safe.

While these tips can be somewhat effective in deterring squirrels away from your home, your best defense in keeping unwanted critters from wreaking havoc on your home or yard is hiring professional help.

Call the Experts for Professional Squirrel Prevention

At Critter Control® of Ft. Worth, our licensed and trained wildlife removal experts are on hand to help rid your property of squirrels or any other unwelcome nuisance. We pride ourselves in using eco-friendly and humane methods of removal when it comes to pests inside your home or workplace. 

If you are dealing with a squirrel infestation, know that we’re here for all of your wildlife removal and prevention needs. To schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate, give us a call today at 817-222-1101.

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