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How to Get Raccoons Out of Your House

Located west of Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas is a flourishing city that houses a large population of residents, both human and animal. To avoid the harsh elements and natural predators, such wildlife may try to invade local homes for safe shelter and food.

If you discover raccoons have infested your house, the best way to remove them is by calling raccoon removal experts as they can get rid of raccoons quickly, efficiently, and safely without hassle. However, you may try the following DIY raccoon removal methods to scare off nuisance raccoons while you wait for the professionals to arrive.

4 Steps to Get Rid of Raccoons

  1. Seal your space shut. Ensure you are closing your garage door and doggie doors at night. You may also need to do a walkthrough of your home to see if there are any other access points the raccoons are using to enter your home.
  2. Hide food and water sources. Take any food or water you have outside and bring it inside. This includes dog bowls, bird feeders and trash cans. By taking away what attracts the raccoons, you may deem your space as an inhabitable shelter for the raccoons.
  3. Create noise or shine a light. Raccoons are stealthy creatures but they are also extremely sheepish. If you shine a light on their den or play soft music from a radio, they will become frightened and leave the space.

The Importance of Contacting Raccoon Removal Professionals

While DIY raccoon removal methods may work in a pinch, they are temporary measures and not long term solutions to a raccoon infestation. Furthermore, raccoons are not always kind critters to deal with. Attempting to remove these animals from your home without the help of an expert may become detrimental to the health and wellbeing of you, your house, and your loved ones. To get rid of invasive raccoons and prevent them from invading your space again, call the raccoon removal professionals at Critter Control® of Ft. Worth.

Your Fort Worth Raccoon Removal Experts

At Critter Control® of Ft. Worth, we pride ourselves in using eco-friendly and humane methods when it comes to removing unwanted critters from inside your home or workplace. If you are dealing with a raccoon infestation, know that we’re here to help with all of your wildlife removal and pest-prevention needs. To schedule an in-home inspection and receive a free estimate for our raccoon removal services, give us a call at 817-222-1101 today.

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