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How to Keep Critters from Living Under Your Porch


Keeping critters from invading the inside of your home is simple, but what about the outer parts of your house? While there is a lot of discussion on steps you can take to prevent animals from getting inside and infesting your home, there isn’t quite as much about outdoor spaces like porches and decks. The truth is, they are just as much at risk as your walls and attics. Here are a couple of different tips to keep critters from taking up residence under your porch.

Create a Barrier

The first option is to create a barrier. If your porch contains openings, holes, or cracks, it might be time to do some repairs and close it off. Chicken wire and mesh fencing can go a long way when installed properly. Using bricks and digging a trench is also an effective barrier. Before taking this step, however, it is important to make certain an animal has not already taken to living under your porch. Accidentally trapping an animal under your porch or deck is counterproductive, as it will likely die down there and will need to be removed.

Air it Out

If creating a barrier isn’t quite what you’re looking to do, the exact opposite method can also prove effective. Letting in more sunlight and air is a deterrent for most animals. It will make the underside of your porch feel airier and more exposed, which will offer any prospective critters less protection. Animals tend to look for places that are dark, cozy, and quiet. Creating an environment that does not offer any of those things will keep critters from scoping it out in the first place.

Install Floodlights

Much like the previous tip, installing floodlights that shine under your porch will make the space beneath it unpleasant for critters. Animals that look to nest under porches like the protection that comes with dark spaces. Adding light thus acts as an effective deterrent.

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