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Fast Ways To Get Rid of Rats

The internet is full of home remedies and DIY solutions for any problem you may have. However, when you are dealing with invasive pests such as rats in your home or business, then it’s best to consult with professionals if you are looking for fast results. If not addressed immediately, a small rat problem can quickly spiral into a complete infestation. Fortunately, the experts at Critter Control® of Ft. Worth know more than a few sure-fire ways to get rid of rats and stop a rat problem in its tracks. 

How To Deter Rats Away from Your Property

The best way to get rid of rats is to keep them from entering your home or business in the first place. This is achievable by making the following small adjustments to make your property less appealing to rodents.

  • Block Potential Entrances and Holes You should periodically scan the outside of your home to identify areas, holes, or gaps where rats can enter and seal them up. Remember to look both high and low for entry points as rats can squeeze into your home through damaged underground drains and also crawl into your home through the attic by using low-hanging branches to access your roof. 
  • Clear the Clutter – Spaces used for storage in your home, like attics and basements, are prone to clutter. And if they’re prone to clutter, they’re prone to rats. Clean out cluttered spaces to minimize places rats can hide, nest, and breed.
  • Remove Any Food Sources – Rats aren’t picky eaters. Any kind of food left out is fair game to a rat. Food scraps in trash bins, residue on dirty dishes, or even pet food bowls left out all night can all easily attract rats and make your rat problem worse. Be sure to store food away at night and clean up the mess from any crumbs or spillages. 

Quick Rat DIY Removal Methods 

Some of the most popular DIY rat removal strategies recommended online include the following:

  • Bait Stations – Bait boxes are great options for ridding your home of rats. The plastic boxes house blocks of rodenticide and have rat-sized holes for the rodents to enter through. The rats enter the box and eat the poison bait, which will eventually kill them.
  • Snap Traps – This traditional method of trapping rats is still a widely used option. When purchasing snap traps for rats, be sure to purchase the largest size available. The smaller trap sizes used for mice may not be strong enough to hold a rat and won’t be as effective. 
  • Call a Rat Exterminator – Ultimately, it’s best to leave rat removal to the professionals. DIY rat removal methods can range from temporary solutions to ineffective wastes of money. In some cases, they can make the infestation even worse. Furthermore, the handling of pest control products without proper training or equipment can be dangerous and hazardous to yourself and your property. Therefore, if you already have a rat infestation in full-swing, then the best option for you to do yourself is to contact your local rat removal professionals.

Permanent and Professional Rat Removal

No matter how big or small your rat issue, the team at Critter Control® of Ft. Worth is here to help. Our licensed and trained technicians are equipped to quickly inspect your property, assess the size of your infestation, plan and implement a complete pest removal strategy, and safeguard your property so that nuisance wildlife do not return. To schedule a consultation and receive a free estimate for our services, please give us a call today at 817-222-1101.

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