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Reasons to Have Your Attic InspectedSince you rarely pay a visit to your attic, it tends to stay out of sight — and out of mind. However, having an annual attic inspection is a necessary routine for sustaining the longevity of your home. If you haven’t crossed this year’s inspection off your checklist, here are the reasons to examine your attic sooner rather than later.

Checking for Signs of Leakage

Your attic is a usual suspect when it comes to water damage in your home. Fortunately, having an attic inspection allows professionals to spot signs of mold or leaks before they become an issue. Common signs of water damage include: 

  • Stained wood
  • Condensation around pipes
  • Furnace rust

When left unattended, moisture can seep into your home’s walls and eventually develop mold — potentially causing severe health problems. Therefore, you must have a professional immediately treat mold if you find it inside your attic.   

Checking for Structural Issues

Just because your roof looks stable on top, it doesn’t mean the attic is actually stable underneath. An attic inspection is a perfect opportunity to check for sagging beams, broken rafters, or even stress cracks. Because the attic framing is an overall part of a home’s roof system, it’s vital that this structure is firm and up to building codes. Any structural deficiency that can impair the stability of your roof is worth checking for and promptly repairing, because they can open up holes, gaps, and cracks that wildlife could use for entry. 

Checking for Insulation Efficiency

It’s always important to know that your insulation will keep your home cool, and it’s especially important during the scorching seasons. If your recent energy bill is higher than normal, however, it could be the result of damaged insulation. Furthermore, if your AC and furnace are constantly running even after you turn your unit off, your insulation might be to blame.

Checking for Wildlife Damage

Have you recently heard scratching, clawing, or scurrying from above your home? If so, it’s likely that rodents are wreaking havoc in your attic. Rodents like squirrels, rats, and mice are drawn to your attic because it’s a dark and quiet place to make a home. If these critters aren’t quickly removed, they will damage your insulation, chew up wiring, and even cause an infestation.    

Need an Attic Inspection? 

If you are suspicious that a rodent is causing any damage to your attic, calling for professional help is always the most effective option. Our Critter Control® of Fort Worth technicians will thoroughly inspect your attic, humanely remove any animals, and restore damaged insulation. Most importantly, they’ll seal entry points to keep rodent issues from happening again. For more information on attic insulation and restoration, call 469-805-6267. 

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