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Preventive methods are some of the best ways of keeping animals and bugs out of your home and off of your property. Historically, many of these deterrents, especially those aimed at repelling rodents, have been harmful to pets. When you have pets in your household and are considering pest deterrent options, it’s important to find ones that won’t harm your four-legged friends. Here are some good options:

Animal-Specific Traps

The logical first step when looking for safer animal deterrents is to replace chemical-based options like poisons with traps. This is a step in the right direction, but a trap can be just as dangerous to a pet as it is to what you are trying to catch. To reduce that risk, look for traps that are designed to catch only specific types of animals.

For example, a traditional spring trap is great for mice, but it can also be dangerous for cats or small dogs. A vault trap is a safer alternative.

Hide the Deterrents

Another way to prevent pets from messing with the pest deterrents is to put them somewhere out of reach or hidden away. While it doesn’t completely guarantee a curious pet won’t stumble across it, it helps significantly. You can even place a box over the trap with a hole cut out for the nuisance animal to get through. This is especially useful for traps kept outside.

Use the Right Bait

A common bait for rodent traps is peanut butter. While this does a great job at attracting the mice and rats, pets also love it. Do some research to find out what the animal you are trying to trap is attracted to and what your pets are attracted to, and choose something that won’t pique your pet’s interest but will draw in the nuisance animal.

Let Us Help

The most common question we get about pest deterrents is whether or not they are safe to use around pets. When you’re unsure, the best option is to enlist the help of an animal control professional to remove any nuisance animals from your property for you.

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