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How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic

If you are hearing squeaky noises, scratching, or little footsteps coming from your attic, then you most likely are dealing with a mice infestation. It is important to act quickly to get rid of mice because, even though they are tiny little rodents, they can cause harmful and expensive damages to your Ft. Worth home. 

Common Entry Points Mice Use to Access Your Attic

Mice can crawl through holes in exterior walls as small as the width of a nickel to get into your attic. Common entry points mice may use to enter your home include ventilation ducts, gaps in siding, ventilation and plumbing pipes, or chimneys.

Damages of Having Mice in the Attic

Many homeowners are surprised that a critter so small can create such large, and costly, property damages. Mice-related destruction to look out for includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Soiled attic floors due to the accumulation of mice droppings and urine
  2. Shredded boxes and damaged items stored in your attic
  3. Risk of electrical fires due to chewed through wires 
  4. Higher electrical bills due to destroyed attic insulation 
  5. Foul smell throughout the home

On top of damage, mice can also affect your health by contaminating the food you eat and the air you breathe with their waste. 

Ways You Can Get Rid of Mice in the Attic

  1. Trim Overhanging Tree Limbs – The first step toward getting rid of mice starts outside by trimming back trees and shrubs near your home. This eliminates mice hiding spots and their ability to climb onto your roof and access entry points into your attic. 
  2. Seal Up Mice Entry Points – Examine your attic for holes and exposures that mice can squeeze through to access your attic. Use a rodent proof sealant to close all entry points preventing the mice from entering your home. 
  3. Try Using Baited Mouse TrapsLay out traps strategically by placing them in areas of high mice activity. However, make sure they are out of reach of pets and children. Also check on your traps regularly to remove any dead mice and reset them, if needed.
  4. Remove Mice Food Sources – If mice are in your attic, then they are likely elsewhere in your home. Make sure all food and trash is properly stored and sealed. Do not leave any food out in the open and clean up any crumbs or food stains around the house. 

If you’re struggling to get rid of mice in your attic, contact the mice removal experts at Critter Control® of Ft. Worth. 

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