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How to Catch a Rat in the House

From incessant chewing and scratching to spreading infectious diseases and contamination, rats are invasive critters that can cause severe damage to your property and health. Once rats have infested your home, they will quickly nest and breed, so it is imperative to quickly catch a rat in the house to keep property damages to a minimum.

5 Tips to Catch Rats in the House

If you suspect there are rats on your Ft. Worth, TX property, here are a couple of tips to help you catch and get rid of them.

  1. Seal off entry points – Rats are agile critters that can fit through even the smallest cracks and holes. Using a caulk gun, you can seal small openings around windows, doors, walls, and floors. Doing so can help prevent new rats from coming into your home .
  2. Use safe rat bait – Bait is a rodenticide with two primary ingredients, the attractant and active ingredient (anticoagulant). Natural bait pellets are non-target poisoning traps that are safe to use around children and pets. Natural bait “tricks” the rat’s brain into thinking it’s fully hydrated, making it stop drinking water and die from dehydration.
  3. Maintain a clean home – To keep rats away, make sure to keep a tight lid on the garbage bin and all food containers. Vacuum frequently indoors and mow your yard regularly. Rats are less attracted to clean yards with minimal debris because it leaves them with no place to nest or hide.
  4. Use traps – Four of the most commonly used rat traps include: glue traps, snap traps, live traps, and electric shock traps. Snap traps are recognized as old-fashioned wooden rat traps. For best results, place the trigger side of the trap perpendicular to the wall and make sure to select the best bait, such as peanut butter or prunes.
  5. Contact the professionals – Instead of wasting your money and time on attempting different rat removal methods on your own, rely on the rat catching professionals at Critter Control® of Ft. Worth.

Effective Methods to Get Rid of Rats

At Critter Control® of Ft. Worth,  our rat removal experts have the tools and experience to take care of your Texas-sized rat problem with ease. We use a proven method that is effective, humane, and eco-friendly. Our CritterSafe® program includes the following four steps:

  1. Inspection – One of our expert technicians will examine your property to assess the severity of the infestation and strategize a personalized rat treatment plan.
  2. Removal – We isolate and remove all nuisance rats from your home using humane and eco-friendly trapping techniques.
  3. Restoration – We repair and clean and damage or contamination caused by the nuisance rats.
  4. Exclusion – We seal all entry points with caulking and copper wire mesh to prevent future rat infestations in your home.

Professional Rat Removal Services in Ft. Worth, Texas

If you have a rat problem in your house, keep a safe distance from the pests and contact the rat removal experts at Critter Control® of Ft. Worth. Our licensed and trained technicians use eco-friendly and humane removal methods when it comes to removing unwanted critters inside your home or workplace. To schedule an inspection and receive a free estimate for our rat removal services, call us today at 817-222-1101.

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