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How Do Rats Get on the Roof?Despite their small size, rats can pose a significant risk to your home or business when they access your roof or attic. They are prone to damaging insulation, leaving behind feces, and transmitting disease. But how do rats get on the roof in the first place? Rats are actually expert climbers that can dig their claws into almost any textured surface. These rodents can even fall from heights of up to 50 feet with little to no injury. Since they are climbers by trade, rats will scamper up areas near your home in multiple ways. 

Climbing Trees

Because they like to nest above ground, you’ll often find rats nuzzled up in the comfort of a tree. This means rats can just as easily scurry up branches and onto your rooftop. But, they’re more likely to make the journey when a tree is overlooking a building or when branches are hanging over the roof. The best way to stop this in advance is to regularly trim your branches. However, there is no simple formula for how often to trim them, because trees grow differently depending on their age and species. Once a tree touches your property, however, it’s definitely a good time to take action.  

Climbing Powerlines

Unless your neighborhood has no power lines, it can be hard to keep rats from climbing on them. Rats spend most of their life at least four feet above the ground, which means their favorite kind of travel is also above ground. Power lines give rats an easy (and elevated) mode of transportation from one roof to the next. Therefore, one of the most effective forms of protection against a rat invasion is entry point sealant. 

Climbing Surfaces of Your Home

As previously mentioned, rats can climb almost any textured surface. This includes brick, stone, and even concrete. If rats are scurrying up your walls, confront them with their weakness: smooth surfaces. Do this by installing a single-sheet plastic surface or a single-sheet laminate to the base of the walls. This tactic only works indoors, however, which means you’ll have to stop rats entering from the outside by patching up the holes and entry points around your entire property.  

Climbing Garbage Cans 

Rats will use any means necessary to get above ground — including garbage cans. This makes it even easier for them to hop onto a building’s surface and scurry up to the roof, and it’s the main reason many people consider roof rats to be nature’s acrobats. Keep garbage cans away from the walls by storing them in the garage, instead. This goes for anything that can aid a climbing rat such as woodpiles, rafters, or even debris. 

Are Rats Getting on Your Roof? 

Rats are a common nuisance that, without proper action, can cause serious damage to your roof. Here at Critter Control® of Fort Worth, we can remove rodents from your roof and keep your home or business safe. For a free estimate of our services, schedule a personal consultation or call us at 817-222-1101. With years of experience, our wildlife technicians can safely rid your home of all its pests.

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