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Dead Rat Removal

Why Choose Critter Control Of Ft. Worth?

  • We guarantee our services protect your family and prevent future rodent invasions
  • We not only remove rats but clean and repair any damage to your home
  • We bring more than 20 years of wildlife removal experience
  • Our certified wildlife technicians are licensed and insured


Signs You Have  A Dead Rat

Terrible stench radiating from the walls or ceiling, droppings, chewed wiring, noises in the attic, are all signs you have a rat infestation. Rats are dangerous to your home and family as they carry diseases in their feces and can destroy your homes structure and attic. Call our experts immediately for a free inspection.


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Guarantee Disclaimer

Critter Control guarantees the animal damage repair and animal exclusion work performed on your property for three (3) years. If an animal re-enters your home or business at any place where we have provided exclusion, we will remove the animal and repair any damage caused at no expense to you. Ask also about our optional Lifetime Guarantee.