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Rats and mice are two of the most common pests, but some people can’t tell them apart. While it’s true that rats are bigger, there are plenty of other characteristics that differentiate the two.

Notice Physical Appearance to Distinguish Rats and Mice

Rats and mice can, in most cases, be easily distinguished between one another. Here are some common differences they have in their physical appearances:


  • Between 4-6 inches
  • Weigh just over an ounce
  • Long whiskers
  • Triangular noses
  • Large ears


  • Can grow up to 15 inches or longer
  • Weigh around 12 ounces
  • Blunt snouts
  • Scaly, hairless tails
  • Smaller ears

Both species tend to come in muted, natural colors such as brown, tan, gray, and black. They also share lightened bellies, although mice tend to be a bit paler. Interestingly, rodents bred to be pets often display unique coat patterns. They frequently have spots and other markings that would be a disadvantage in the wild.

Watch for Behavioral Differences

Rats are more intelligent than mice. They have larger brains and use them for more complex processing. For example, a rat is wary of changes in their environment, like setting a trap. They often avoid traps entirely. Mice, on the other hand, tend to be oblivious, making them easier to trap or exterminate.

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