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Common Pest Control MistakesGetting a pest problem under control can take a toll on anyone. Hastily buying pest sprays to quickly solve the problem might seem like the only solution, but these types of tactics can easily end up making the situation worse. If you’re struggling to remove pests and effectively prevent them from returning, then you may be guilty of these common pest control mistakes.

Flooding Homes with Chemicals

Although bombarding your home with pest sprays and chemical solutions can seem like a fast way to contain the issue, it can quickly put your entire family at risk as well. Because, the chemicals designed to fatally injure invasive pests contain chemicals that can also fatally injure humans.

And, if you have any children or pets living in the house, they can be even more sensitive to the compounds in pest sprays. These chemicals can even leech into your food, seep into the fabrics of your clothes, and leave residue on your everyday furniture, which is why you should always get expert advice before pursuing a pest problem on your own.

Ignoring State Wildlife Laws

There are certain times of the year when states issue seasonal wildlife laws to protect endangered species and preserve newborn wildlife. For example, if you find a bat nesting in your home during the months of bat maternity season, you cannot legally exclude the pest until the season passes.

If you ignore wildlife laws and attempt to exclude endangered species or federally protected pests, you can face a series of fines or potential legal sentences. To avoid legal issues and protect yourself from harm, contact pest professionals that can guide you to a safe solution.

Hesitating to Fully Commit

Pest control is a process, not a quick fix. Unless you’re ready to fully commit and take charge of your surroundings, you won’t be able to completely solve your underlying issue. By simply spot treating the issue and neglecting to clean up your home and yard, you end up perpetuating the problem and spending more money in the long run.

If you want to truly solve your situation, you need to seriously dedicate some time to understanding the source of your issue and making the right adjustments. For example, if you’ve discovered that ants are entering your pantry and getting into your supply, you need to reconsider your food storage methods, find the source of the entry, and sanitize your surroundings.

Partnering with the Wrong Provider

Perhaps the most detrimental mistake you can make in the pest control process is partnering with the wrong provider. Inexperienced pest technicians provide inaccurate advice and subpar services, which can end up costing you more money and leaving you with unsolved issues.

If you want both expert advice and exceptional service, contact the pest professionals at Critter Control® of FT Worth. Our team of wildlife technicians can put a stop to any pest problem and help you understand how to prevent it from happening again. For more information or to schedule your free consultation, call us today at 817-222-1101

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