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There are 68 species of snakes in Texas. However, that doesn’t have to mean that you and your family have to share your home with these slithering copperheads, rattlers and common garden snakes. While the majority of Texas snakes are harmless, it still can be startling to come across one under a rock or curled up in your bathroom.

How to prevent snakes from living on your property

While few homeowners welcome snakes on their property, many do things that inadvertently invite these critters to make a nest near or in your home. Just a few of these include:

  • Cluttering up your yard. Snakes love to live underneath things. If your yard looks more like a scrap yard than a park, you’re providing a welcoming haven for snakes.
  • Planting a lot of low-growing shrubs and plants. Again, snakes like to hide and stay cool during the mid-day Texas heat. Low-growing plants provide welcome shelter.
  • Forgetting to patch those holes. Holes in your home or garage’s foundation makes it easy for snakes to come and go easily.
  • Watering your lawn too often. Snakes also like water and how cool the grass feels when it’s been freshly watered. Watering your lawn frequently is an invitation to snakes.

Signs snakes have moved into your home

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, snakes will invade your property. Below are just a few signs of such an invasion:

  • Snakeskins. If you see snake skins, this is a sign that you have at least one snake that has just left hibernation. It’s time to call a pest control company.
  • Curly-looking trails in the dirt outside your home. Another sure sign that snakes are living on your property is seeing winding trails in the dirt around your home.
  • You spot a nest. Snakes generally make a nest during the late summer or early fall. It’s not a good idea to remove the nest yourself. This is best left to a professional.

Getting rid of snakes in your home

Getting rid of the snakes in your home and property is not a good DIY project and requires special training and equipment. To best tackle your snake problem, contact Critter Control of Fort Worth. We’ve been helping Texas homeowners like you with their animal and insect problems for more than 30 years.

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